How to identify the watch replica or genuine?

How to identify the watch replica or genuine?

High replica watches really difficult to distinguish it?

Watches are the most likely to be counterfeit, whether it is high-end air on the grade of Rolex or 100 years of classic Omega, are pseudo-watch manufacturers in the bag of things, some high imitation of the watch is really enough. What is the simple way to distinguish between genuine and replica watches? Let now let us to tell you about the way to identify the genuine and replica watches.

Real senior watch never give the buyer any regrets, from the appearance to the movement of every place are delicate to make people moving. As a result, the watch will really achieve value for money. But at the same time, the fake also slowly began to flood this piece is not huge market. Identify the authenticity of the watch Cheats, I believe that the love of the watch you may be helpful.

replica watches

replica watches

How to identify the watch replica or genuine

Watch the case back cover, where the original watch, especially the male watch, should be printed on the back cover of many letters, indicating the name of the watch, production, steel or semi-steel waterproof, anti-magnetic, shock or The name of the shock absorber (see the appearance of the common watch in the back of the English alphabet mark), and engraved with a watch brand-specific trademark logo. In addition, there are some figures, used to indicate the movement of the watch number and shell number. Counterfeit watches on the back of the carved with some of the patterns and letters are very rough fuzzy, unknown shell number and movement number. Original watch on the back are generally attached to a film, and plum watch in the back cover on the watch with a green plum-like label. Swiss-made gold-plated shell watch, in the case of the opening position of the case (and the installation of the spring with the strap) engraved with letters, such as PLAQUEGI0, said the case is 10 microns gold-plated. Counterfeit watch is not such a mark, many counterfeit watches using titanium nitride and other processes posing as gold-plated case.

Dial, where the Japanese watch, in the dial 6 points at the bottom of the word are printed with a small line, that movement and disk number; counterfeit watch is not. Switzerland produced some brand-name watches, such as plum, British Nagar and so on the dial has some special mark. “Airmaster” type of plum male watch in the lower part of the dial, are printed with red letters TITOFLEX, and the vast majority also inlaid with a glass or metal diamonds. The name of sTARJEWEIS is printed on the bottom of the dial. Counterfeit watches do not have such letters on the dial. Some counterfeit watches on the dial, although printed with sWISSMOVT letters that the Swiss movement to SHOCKPROOF this letter to indicate the shock watch, but this watch is usually on the dial more defects and defects, such as the disc is not set, Imprinting fuzzy, disc or trademark letters, the pattern is not tight on the dial, the disk has more scratches, discoloration and night out points off, etc., and the night are added to the inside of the word, the night point of the larger and Seem uneven, but also have a dial out of the night and the pointer on the night point of color inconsistencies. Some calendar days, weeks of counterfeit watches have such characteristics: from the calendar window looks like, the calendar dial outside the tilt back, or calendar dial is plastic quality. Weekly dial is marked in Chinese (except the Japanese watch) or the right side of the day with the English word, the left with the number.

Observe the head of the watch, the trademark or letter of the counterfeit watch is blurred or printed with 100% W ~ P words, and the steel watch uses the semi-steel head.

Commonly used watch appearance English letters are as follows:
[WATER RESREANT Waterproof, WATERPROOF Waterproof, ANTIMAGETIC Magnetically shielded, ALLSTAINLESSSTEEL Full steel case, STAINLESSSTEELBACK Half steel case, SWISSMADE Made in Switzerland, IAPANMADE Made in Japan, INCABLOC “Inclusive” type shock absorber, PLAQUEG10 10 micron gold plating, AUTOMATIC automatic watch , JEWEIS drill]

How to identify replica watches


General fake watch is the most easy to reveal is the LOGO, especially the surface of the LUGO, you can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully look at their work, if the metal LOGO really bright as new, fake watch LOGO edge impatient, and some not too Rules, if it is paint word, the real side of the edge of the smooth and no burr, fake paint the edge of the word slightly open the traces of the font and the depth of the eye, with eight times the eyepiece can see very clearly.

Watch mirror

Watches generally use sapphire crystal, with the progress of science and technology, false form also began to follow suit. False form with sapphire is generally easy to see through, because the fake watch in order to reduce the cost of the mirror will not be anti-reflective layer, not to mention double coating, so the light reflection under the serious, although the drip does not, but only need to take UV light irradiation, the reflection is extremely serious; real watch due to anti-reflective coating, in the light without much reflection, and purple or blue glare.


Now, for example, J ROLEX, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, will use the lead in the copy watch to ensure the weight of the replica watch, but you can try the weight of its other parts, such as the chain part, the component should be relatively light many. At the same time, the general fake watch are relatively light, even if the use of lead ring “ballast”, but in the hands of the feeling is strange.


In general, the dummy watch head is the easiest to reveal. Fake watch head will use the same process, polished part of the coating is not uniform, whether it is galvanized or gold-plated, but there are always different depths, careful observation can see the exposed part. Do a relatively true case is not easy to be aware of the case, you can carefully observe the head part. In addition, many watches are the head of their own specifications, and false statements almost stereotyped, this only need to look at the appearance of the real watch can be easily seen.

Back cover

(Such as OMEGA, AP, etc.) will be made of the original capping cap, interested friends may wish to pay attention to their own. There are some of the watch back cover is octagonal or a few screws back cover, replica watch in order to save costs will produce a nondescript capping shape gland.


Literally available 8x eyepiece easy to find handwriting traces


Watch watch factory has its own fixed labeling rules, and has its watch of serial number, according to the number of the watch can be found on the model and even the factory date and sales, and false watch is only a number, and even No number, it is easy to distinguish. Some real numbers are appearing in different positions of the watch, and how fake occurs only on the back of the watch.


Bracelet workmanship can clearly see the traces of hand must be replica watch, some butterfly buckle replica watch strap to do although the more refined, but in the corner of the event has a rough without grinding the details, as long as you can find carefully flaw.


Replica watch with eyepiece careful observation, you can find tiny traces, it is installed when the tweezers left India, the real watch will not see a similar traces. The shape of the needle and the real watch is a significant difference, even if I have seen a very real J watch , the second hand can see the problem, fake watch second hand making rough, and relatively short, this is the biggest problem, The second hand is longer than or equal to the length of the minute hand.



General in addition to the Swiss movement of the 2824,2836 and other false statements, the other movement is the frequency of 21600, you only need to pick up in the ears to listen to, almost all are relatively slow tick, and now most of the real watches are more than 28800 frequency, but many real watch also slow down, so this is just one point.


This no need to wordy, the general replica watch is not polished. But now there are a lot of polished on the market fake movement, but with an eyepiece can easily find the rough processing.


Each watch has its own different structure, rather than the ETA 2824 and the flow can be imitated

How to distinguish the authenticity of luxury watches

Identify fake watches brand

Brand fake generally occurs in the high-end brand name. In order to obtain high profits, counterfeiters are often in the trademark, the appearance of imitation of genuine goods, made exactly the same, rough look impeccable, and even packaging, brochures and production licenses are all intact. But its choice is not compatible with the brand movement, or poor quality parts selection. This fake brand-name watches are often sold in the interior, the price is much lower than the real thing, in some watch detection is not perfect city and non-standard shopping malls are also sold. The domestic market once appeared false Rolex, radar, Fiyta and other watches. Some watches in order to increase sales, in the product function to do false propaganda, in the back cover marked “waterproof 100 meters, the case never wear” and so on, this publicity, consumers must be rational judgments.

Identify the appearance of fake

The current appearance of the watch in the proportion of high prices. Such as the French production of “Cartier” watch, the price of 3.52 million yuan, 36 sets of natural diamonds, 60,000 yuan per carat, light diamond value of more than 200 million. Therefore, the appearance of fake and shoddy should be taken seriously.

Identification of natural diamonds, artificial diamonds, rhinestones (glass drills)

Natural diamonds are the hardest of all objects, set to 10 hardness; artificial diamonds for 8-9; diamond (glass drill) than natural diamonds and artificial diamonds hardness is low, and fragile. The price of artificial diamonds and rhinestones is very cheap, each grain is only 0.1-0.2 yuan. Therefore, in the purchase of watches with natural diamonds, we must pay attention to the authenticity, if necessary, to the relevant departments to detect.

Identify K gold, gold plated, galvanized

K gold, gold-plated, acid-plated surface color is yellow, easy to distinguish, in the absence of instrument detection is difficult to distinguish the case. Some counterfeit products will be marked as 18K gold shell 18K gold shell, and some even the gold-plated shell fake for the K gold shell. In addition, the thickness of the gold-plated layer is difficult to measure. Some watches marked gold-plated 3 microns, the actual even 1 microns are not, watch the use of more than 1 year, the color of gold all faded. What is more, will be galvanized aluminum alloy shell, introduced to protect a few years do not fade, the actual use of less than six months, the gold becomes black, even the ability to rust are lost. Consumers in the purchase of gold watches must be clear.

Identify watch glass

There are currently three kinds of watch glass: plexiglass, ordinary quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass. Confused and difficult to distinguish between quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass, both in terms of quality and price are very different. Sapphire crystal glass once called “never wear glass”, and now changed to “easy to wear glass.” It is about the price of ordinary quartz glass several times, therefore, only in the high-end replica watch with sapphire crystal glass.

In the absence of a test instrument, a simple method can be used to distinguish between ordinary quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass. Put a drop of water on the surface of the glass watch, and then put them up, where the water is a small ball is not scattered for the sapphire crystal glass, on the contrary, the water flowing down the plane down to ordinary quartz glass.

Identify fake watch movement

Where the import of Swiss replica watches, the use of the movement will be produced in Switzerland. Such as the movement used to find Japan, China or other countries, for the replica watch.

Where the import of Japanese watches, the movement used in Japan will be produced. If the movement used to find the Swiss or other countries, the watch must also be replicas.
Domestic production of watches, the use of the movement is very complex, there are Switzerland, Japan and domestic movement, consumers should note: some counterfeiters with some replica movement mounted on the watch. Relatively speaking, the purchase of high trust brand, it will not appear these problems.

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