why Mechanical watchis always the first choice for men?

why Mechanical watchis always the first choice for men?

why Mechanical watchis always the first choice for men?

Women like bags, there are hundreds of reasons. Men like mechanical watches, there are thousands of reasons. Why is it? Today, I will come to your stomach when the roundworm, rooted at the end! Hey hey.
This is not the main reason.

Because it has time to see the practicality of time?

Not necessarily! Ordinary mobile phone, apple watch, which can be used to see the time, why must wear it? And this is more convenient for white-collar workers, after all, punch card machine is accurate to 0.1 seconds (smiling face).

Because of it, I walk are confident´╝č

I took the brand name mechanical watch out, check out the time to show it, and instantly feel face posted gold. However, for the mechanical watch loyalty powder, this is not the main reason for wearing a mechanical watch.

High-end watch in the hands, the connotation of temperament to force to immediately?

why Mechanical watchis always the first choice for men?

Not at all! With a mechanical watch, just to match the clothes, the performance of their own tide male, business, successful people’s image? Standing on the mechanical watch loyalty angle analysis, which is more “superficial” reasons.
In the final analysis, faith is the main reason

Aristotle once said that love of pure machinery is such a fine thing is the man’s nature (joking). Just like a woman why do not see a bag on the pile of feet? Is not because the bag is a woman’s nature Oh Cure! The nature of the rise to a deeper level, called the faith.

What support you stay up late to the middle of the night, just to see the World Cup Argentina against Germany? Of course, because playing from the bottom of my heart like football. Do not you stay up late to watch the news network? And this like there may be a lifetime thing, anyway, will not be three minutes heat. This is faith.

Because like a mechanical watch, as a belief, so most men are willing to immerse themselves in the delicate mechanical world. Chain belt drive watch, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, sesame chain, three asked, double chronograph timing, etc., are like friends dug in the field. Like to see a variety of watches the evaluation, soak a variety of watches forum, Patek Philippe┬áreplica watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin’s classic models and the new can come in handy.

To share is to put faith into practice

For mechanical watch loyalty, they enjoy the beauty of mechanical movement. “The watch on the edge of the ear, you can clearly hear the voice of the escapement work. That is the passage of time sound. If there is back through, see the gears carefully bite, turn, it is time to pass the way.” Fish had seen this sentence, can be described as quite brilliant!

Share, is in the tangible and intangible, inadvertently inadvertently absorbed their own things passed to each other, resulting in resonance. In short, is “bragging” hey. Men wear formal dresses for important banquets and chat with potential customers for the first time. Talking about the hands of the Patek Philippe, will be a good entry point. After all, the man can put his body on the decoration of their own things too little too, and always can not meet a chat on it often.

Buy a replica Patek Philippe watch, Not for the other, for the faith.This is worth it. Keep your faith.

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